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What to do with my junk car?

Should I recycle my accidental car?

Recycling has become a major buzzword in the last two decades, due to increased alarm at how human activity is impacting the planet’s environment. And when you combine the concept of recycling with the reality of dead automobiles, it is obvious that the two were made for each other. Much more than Landfills. They are problematic at best, due to the pollutants that make up a lot of a car’s components leaking out. Check out the 5 reasons for recycling the junk vehicles.

The good news is that recycling cars have become the thing to do, and has even become a booming business. Junk cars of every persuasion, including scrap vehicles that have no engine, can be mined for materials until there is nothing left.


These companies are often known as auto removal companies. Some people choose to call them “cash for car” companies. Whatever we call them, the auto removal service they provide is a God-send. They facilitate the reuse of any parts that can be salvaged, refurbishing them as needed. Steel is recycled by the ton, saving tons of coal. The popularity of these companies’ services becomes more and more apparent the more one thinks about it.


But, as famous philosopher ODB once said, “Cash rules everything around me”. And this is no less true than in the scrap auto industry, where car scrap value is nothing to mess with. Cash for Car companies earned their name by paying people for their junk vehicles. In the past, it was a major problem to find a way to get rid of an automobile that had reached the end of its life and was of no use to anyone, and therefore impossible to sell through normal avenues. Now not only is it easy thanks to these companies, but there is some remuneration that can go toward buying another machine.

And this is good news for the environment. On top of used auto parts being given a second life, even the tyres get recycled, either as fuel or reconstituted into products such as mats, turf, shoes, and rubber asphalt.


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Cash for Clunkers, or auto removal companies, are businesses that will take an old scrap vehicle off someone who needs to be rid of it, and the company will pay them. They have years of experience in the field, and because of this they know how to value cars and give the amount of cash that most closely approximates the real worth of said automobile. Providing car owners with the most hassle free avenue for disposing of useless automobiles has proved a very sustainable endeavour for everyone involved.


How it works

They are fully licensed, insured, and are in the habit of being straight up and honest, with a penchant for not wasting anyone’s time, ever. The whole process is simple and straight forward. You call them, tell them all the car’s details, they come and look at it, and then they remove it free of charge, leaving you with cold hard cash it its place. You can use this cash to buy 4×4 tyres for sale. Or use it to buy birthday presents. The choice is yours, thanks to the modern day marvel we call cash for cars companies.

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