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Owning a Freightliner truck that you no longer want is not the ideal situation to be in. The only solution is to sell it. If this sounds like you, you need to know about Auto Wrecker, Auckland’s number one Freightliner truck wreckers. We are dedicated to making the experience of selling a truck simpler and more convenient than it has ever been before in the history of mankind.

Make Maximum Dollars

Now, don’t go thinking that streamlining the truck selling process means that we had to cut back on the amount of money we are prepared to pay for a Freightliner truck. Because you would be thinking lies. The truth is that we are more than happy to pay you the maximum that your beloved Freightliner is worth, even if this means paying you $15000 if it is worth that much. As one of the leading car wreckers Auckland, we prefer to pay the maximum price for your trucks and Lorries.

Free Cash Quotes for Everyone Who Wants One

If you are tired of not having a free cash quote, and you want to change this current predicament, you need to know that you can get one quite easily if you put your mind to it. Simply call our phone number, which in this case is 0800 888 938. If you want to do it online then we have a method for that as well. It involves filling out the free quote request form on the main page of our website. Don’t forget to have the model, year and condition handy.

Have Your Truck Removed for Free

Do you require your old truck to be take off your property, because it is no longer running? Why not sell the truck and have the people buying it off you pay the transport or towing costs? If this seems like too much of a tall ask, don’t despair. If you are selling your Freightliner truck to us, you can be rest assured that we will haul your truck away to our yard free of any charge whatsoever.

Don’t Worry about Your Truck’s Condition

We will buy your truck regardless of what condition it is in. This is great news for everybody with a Freightliner truck that has been the victim of fire, flood or crash. The reason why we will still buy it has to do with the fact that even the most wrecked trucks will have some sort of value tied up in the parts and materials on the truck that are still usable.

Used Parts for Sale

Do you need a Freightliner truck used part? It is now easier than ever to find the right part thanks to Auto Wrecker. We have a giant range of parts and if you would like to book a part call us at 0800 888 938.

Sell your truck in a smart way and take the benefits of our instant cash for cars services.

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