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5 Reasons for Recycling the Junk Vehicles

If anyone has watched the classic film “the Lion King” can attest, there is a circle of life, and all living things are a part of it. We get our food from other living things, then we die and become food for other living things. Surprisingly, this exact same principle can be applied to automobiles.

Automobiles have life cycles too. They live for a certain number of years, and eventually they reach a point where it all comes to an end, and they, in a sense, die. And their auto parts then go on to help in the lives of other cars that are still alive.


In ordinary parlance, this is simply called recycling. And it’s a good thing to do. Here are 5 reasons that will illustrate why that is.


From a purely selfish point of view, you can get some cold hard cash in return for your junk vehicle. There are plenty of scrap yards who will even come to your property and remove the car for you, free of cost. Who can argue with extra money in their pockets? Get the cash for scrap cars now.

Less pollution

Cars that are nearing the end of their life cycles, but are still being driven on the road put out more gases that pollute. If they’re not being used they are in someone’s back yard, creating eyesores, and sometimes leaking pollution from the batteries, plastics and other materials in the vehicle. All of this is solved by having the car recycled via a scrap yard.

Help Used parts industry

That junk car may very well have plenty of parts that are entirely re-usable, regardless of the fact that as a whole, the vehicle is completely un-driveable. These used parts are great for cheap repairs, and it’s important for them to be out there in the market, available for use, so people in lower economic brackets have access to car repairs.

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Financial pragmatism

Your vehicle may have gotten to the point where it costs more to repair than it would to just buy a new one. So just buy a new one. And send the old one off to the scrap yard.


Recycling the tyres

Old useless tyres aren’t really useless at all. They can still be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as a form of energy when burned. They can be granulated into a substance known as crumb rubber, which has a smorgasbord of uses, ranging from mats, floors for children’s playgrounds, and shoes. Also, cheap car tyres can be resold.

So if you have an old machine messing up your garage or back yard, don’t delay and send it away today to be recycled by your friendly local scrap yard.

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