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Are you desperate to sell your Nissan Truck? If you are, and you want it to be sold as quickly as you possibly can, you might be interested in contacting us here at Auto Wrecker.

We are Auckland’s leading Cash for Cars Company. We are dedicated to providing a superior alternative to the stress full and hassle free used truck selling avenues that people normally take. With this goal in mind, if you want to sell your truck quickly and easily you might want to call us at 0800 563 163  . We also have a form on our website with which you can contact us if you would prefer.

We Buy All Nissan Truck Models

As an exceptional Nissan Wreckers, We often have owners of Nissan trucks calling us and asking what Nissan truck models we don’t buy. This is a very interesting question. Interesting in the fact that we have no idea what makes people think we don’t buy all the models. So let’s just be clear here that we buy all the models of Nissan truck that you could possibly think of, whether it be a Nissan UD, Titan Single, Nissan King, Titan XD Crew, Frontier or any other Nissan truck model you can think of.


Top Cash for Nissan Trucks

Normally when selling a Nissan truck privately it is common to have to wait a few weeks before you find a buyer. But with us it happens on the same day that you call us. The added speed doesn’t mean that the value is sacrificed. We will pay the maximum amount that your truck is worth. This can go up to $15000 depending on the condition. Get your commercial truck sold within an hour in Auckland.

Free Truck Removal Service

When one has a truck that isn’t running and they have the desire to sell it. They might find it difficult. One of the reasons is because you have to have the money ready for transportation of the truck to the whereabouts of the buyer. But is you are selling your truck to us you need to know that we don’t require you to pay to have it hauled off. We will be doing all of that for you, completely free of any charge or cost whatsoever.

Any Condition – Superior Nissan Truck Dismantlers Auckland NZ

We want all Nissan trucks, and this desire extends all the way to condition. This means that your truck may be in the worst condition possible. We will still want to buy it. The reason for this is the fact that value can be found in a vehicle regardless of its level of disrepair.

Nissan Truck Parts Auckland NZ

As a premier Auckland truck dismantlers, we sell all truck parts. If your Nissan truck needs fixing and to do so, you need a part. Look no further than Auto Wrecker. We have all the parts of the most of the vehicles. If you are on the hunt for a particular part, you will have no trouble finding that part. Call us at 0800 563 163  or fill out the form on our front page website to book the truck part you want.

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