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Tricks & Tips to Sell a Used Car Online

Selling a used car is not an easy process, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are many websites which make it easy for old wheels owners to sell their vehicle. But to make the selling process smooth for you, we have listed below some recommendations. We provide notable tips which include everything from its preparation to advertising and pricing it.


Preparing your vehicle

Before listing your vehicle for sale, get it ready to entice the buyer. This will help you maximize its asking price, as perilously maintained vehicle will turn-off your potential buyers. Auto experts also suggest that spending a few dollars on your car can increase its worth. For this it should be well-maintained and serviced and don’t forget to get in order the recent service records to show to the purchaser.

Upkeep your car

If you are cleaning it on your own, ensure clean the hard to reach places by putting some extra efforts. Get your car groomed at an auto-body shop. Ensure the removal of every minor imperfection be it dings and scratches or its internal wear and tear. Investing a little money on your vehicle can buy you a good sale price for it. It will also save you hours, which else you would have to spend cleaning it.

  • Make your vehicle presentable, to get the best value for it and lure the potential buyers. Don’t forget to:
  • Get the windows washed from the inside-out.
  • Clean the tyres and look if they are well inflated
  • Empty the receptacle if you are a smoker and to get off the smell use car perfumes
  • Get changed the worn out floor mats
  • Put a new coat of wax on its exterior to have your vehicle shine like new
  • Get the seats and floor vacuumed

Missing title and service records

Organise all the recent service records and get the ownership papers in hand. Showing current service records of the buyers will assure them about the maintenance of the automobile. Also, ensure to inform the buyers if there are any faults in the vehicle which are left un-repaired.

Advertising your vehicle

While advertising presents all the facts and features of your vehicle as well as any extras it has that will appeal to the buyers. Give a brief description of your vehicle while writing your ad mention its make, model, mileage, color, engine and gas type used, insurance coverage (if any), along with reason to sell.


Get accurate clicks of your car from various angles, giving a clear side, front and rear view of all the wheels also. Prefer to take horizontally oriented photographs. While uploading the images, place them in a logical order.

Asking price

To know your vehicle’s worth get it valuated by a professional auto trader. You can also search online for used car review sites or do some research about the prices of various auto selling industries on their respective websites. Set a price which is negotiable.

Trading in your vehicle

-Be naïve to scams and frauds while trading your vehicle. If someone is refuses to talk over phones and trying to keep all the communication online, then avoid such people as you might get screwed.

-Choose public locations for meetings.

-While going to test-drives always accompany the buyers. Check their driving license. Also ask for their contact number.

-Hand over the keys of the cars only after receiving payment in full and confirming the deposit from banks. Don’t agree for payments in parts.

– After signing the transfer papers get a copy of the photo id of the buyer issued by the government, along with the original invoice of the vehicle.

We hope that aforementioned tips & tricks will help you to find a safe and best cash for cars without getting ripped off.

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