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Should you trade your car or sell it privately?

We have a very serious topic to discuss today. When you think of selling your car, aren’t you confused whether you should trade it for a new car or sell it privately and then go to buy a brand-new vehicle? Well, do you know the pros and cons of both these steps? We are sure you don’t. That is the reason you are on this page right now. 

Ø  What’s good – selling your car privately or exchanging it with a new one 

If you think about the option of how I should sell my car in Auckland, you’ll get equal suggestions on both trading and selling it privately. But you should be aware of the important details before considering any of these. Once you know how the scales weigh on both sides, you can make an informed choice as per your convenience. Read about those below:

 o   Pro of trading your car — When you trade your old car in exchange for a new one with the dealer, you are actually lifting a heavy load from your shoulders and handing over a lot of burden to them. They will deal with all the selling formalities, and you just have to walk away with a brand-new car.

 o   Pro of selling a car privately — When you sell your car privately, you have the freedom to either give it as one of the scrap cars in Auckland to Auto Wrecker who tend to provide you with the best rates for any kinds of vehicles – this is mostly applicable to damaged or dilapidated cars. Or you could directly sell it to buyers looking for second-hand cars.

 o   Con of trading a car — Remember, when you are trading your car in exchange for a new one, you tend to lose out on money. Mostly, you have to accept the price that the company fixes for your vehicle and then pay the remaining fund for the new car.

 o   Con of selling a car privately — You have to cope with the headache of dealing with all the people who contact you for the purchase of the vehicle. This wastes a lot of time and you even have to bear the nonsense even from the ones who are actually not interested in buying your vehicle.

 o   Pro of trading your car — The company accepts even a car that is not working when you trade it in exchange for a new vehicle.

 o   Con of selling your car privately — There is a high risk of getting duped or cheated when you tend to sell a car by yourself. And sometimes even the money that you get in exchange for the vehicle is not as per market standards.

 After assessing the list of pros and cons of both trading your vehicle and selling it privately, we can only suggest that you take a call after considering the condition of your vehicle. If the car is in a relatively nice condition and works fine, you can easily sell it privately (exercising all cautions) and get good money for it. If it’s not working, too old or damaged, trading it seems wise. 

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