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Serious problems your idly standing vehicle might show!

During the (Covid) lockdown in the past few months, many of our cars were left standing idle in our garages. Well, now the world has regained its momentum and we are going out and about quite frequently. Still, danger is prevalent in the air and there are some people who still don’t drive too much or go out frequently to stay secure. If you are one amongst them, probably your car is standing without motion in your garage for about a year now. There are bound to be some issues in your car in such a state. But are you even aware of these problems? 

Ø  The common problems a non-active car shows! 

Normally, you should drive your vehicle once in a few months to keep it working fine. But some situations like the present one are unpredictable. And you just can’t move around in your vehicle. Definitely, your car will show some issues during this time. We just hope these aren’t too serious. Because if the vehicle is left without any movement for long, it may even turn into junk. Well, in such cases, call the Auto Wrecker providing cash for scrap cars to take it away from your property (by towing it) and recycle it. But if there’s still some life left in your vehicle, it might just show the below listed issues and there won’t be much further damage: 

o   The car’s batteries dying— The most common issue your idly sitting car shows is the case of dead batteries. Normally, a car battery lives for some days even if you aren’t using the vehicle. But if it is left idle for more than a month, then it drains, and you have to recharge it again to get the vehicle back into action. 

o   Gas going bad — Another issue that a non active car shows is the fuel or the gas going bad. Most of the time it’s just the external particles like the debris, dirt, and dust that enter the engine and contaminates your fuel. You can always change the fluid if you want your vehicle to run smoothly back again. 

o   The irresponsive brakes — Now this can be very serious. Sometimes your car’s brakes turn very spongy or hard or vibrate while you are using it. It happens because the car was left unused for a long period of time and it requires proper oiling and even checking the brake pad. So, it’s always better to check your car’s brake before you drive an unused vehicle after a long time. Otherwise the damage these brakes can cause might end up in a dangerous accident forcing you to sell the damaged cars for sale in Auckland as scrap. 

o   The low tyre pressure — Reduction in your tyre pressure is very common if your car wasn’t used for a long time. This can be inflated once again within no time if you take your vehicle to a mechanic. But remember to not to drive such a vehicle that has punctured or damaged tyres.

 We know you are already facing most of these problems in your car presently if you never had the chance to drive your vehicle properly during the past months. So, we would advise you to service your car properly before springing it back to action once again.

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