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Sell my car fast and for the right price

In today’s fast growing economy nearly millions of second hand vehicles are being sold every day. In fact, the second hand car market is booming tremendously and there is always a good demand for used vehicles that are in good condition. So, selling pre-owned car is not that difficult as it appears, but the difficult part is getting a great price.

If you are selling a car from a recognised or highly reliable manufacturer, then you can easily get good price. But when it comes to selling collectors and classic cars, getting a good buyer and right price is very troublesome.

However, there are some effective options that may prove to be helpful, if you are wondering “how to sell my used car fast”?

Have it inspected

Every vehicle undergoes wear and tear on a regular basis, whether it is a car, SUV, Ute, truck or van. Even if has a numerous working parts, some of its parts can undergo various changes over time.

That’s why, it is crucial to take a vehicle for regular maintenance and keep it in a tip-top condition. If your automobile is in a great shape, then you can definitely expect to get a high value for it. You can get it inspected by a professional mechanic and back up your claims according to his reports. This will help you to build up trust in your prospective buyers and they will take your requirements seriously. Make sure to locate the parts that need repairs and also replace the defective components. Although there are other options as well through which you can sell your automobile in “AS IS” condition, but you will get a less price for.

Take it for professional cleaning

It is obvious to take a vehicle for professional detailing when it comes to selling it. But most of the sellers tend to neglect it and are not able to get a good price. Taking it for professional cleaning will make your used vehicle shine and it will appear as good as new one. We all know that buyers looking for second hand automobiles already have various preconceived beliefs. As a result, they expect them to be in a rundown state with defective or worn-out components. So, if you want to increase your chances of getting a better deal for your automobile, make sure to take care of those issues. Additionally, getting it cleaned from an expert will also create a positive impression on the buyer. As many times we leave our vehicles parked in an open place and it can look grubby with dust and dirt that gets accumulated over time.

Properly advertise your car 

Before advertising your vehicle, make sure to take a look at the existing second hand cars ads first. Create an appealing advertisement with all the essential details about your automobile. Make sure to be brief and highlight the main features. It is a smart idea to first ask your close friend or family member to proofread your ad and check if there are any errors.

When you negotiate with the buyers always keep the price a little higher than what you expect. It will help you to get a fair price. Always set a reasonable price range for your vehicle. You can also take a look at the price range of other used cars of similar model and condition.

Take good and clear pictures

When selling a vehicle, an appealing advertisement plays a very important role in order to sell it quickly. Therefore, make sure to take clear pictures of your car by using a good quality camera. Take pictures from various angles and in good lighting conditions. Remember, there should be no distracting things in the background of the photo. When taking photos clean the automobile properly from inside-out because it will help you to show it off in its best condition for the prospective buyers.  Also, ensure to remove all the dirt from the wheels and polish them so they look well-maintained.

Arrange all the documents in order

When trying to sell your automobile, it is important to keep all the relevant documents in order. If there are any due payments the buyer should be aware of it. If you are new to the process, it would be wise to visit your area’s DMV office and know what all essential documents are required. This will save you from any liability and penalty in case the new owner gets into an accident in the future. Always hand over the keys after getting the copy of all the documentary proof of your vehicle’s sale.

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