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Pros and Cons of Salvaged Car Parts

Making the decision to buy either OEM parts or aftermarket parts will unearth some important lines of enquiry that you may want to mull over for a moment. Folk that have gone through the activity of having their vehicle repaired can attest the fact that car parts usually cost an arm and sometime even a leg.

Getting a handful of parts replaced in one sitting will put a serious dent in your finances. But you have no choice in the matter. You can’t manufacture car parts yourself in your garage, no matter how delusional you are in your abilities.


The Definition of After Market Parts

When the part in question wasn’t actually manufactured by the company that made the vehicle itself, then it is known as an aftermarket part. The company that made the parts in your car didn’t make the aftermarket part, someone else did. Basically the same thing said in two different ways.

Why does it Matter Who Made the Parts?

Aftermarket parts don’t cost as much as OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) parts. So that is one aspect of the question that is easily answered. Does this make the parts of any lesser quality than OEM parts? Many years ago it did but times have changed a lot and nowadays aftermarket parts are actually great quality and in some cases they are even better.

Now, the question arises here should your buy used spare parts or not. Check out the pros and cons before buying the second hand parts:

Aftermarket Parts: the Pros

  • They are Cheaper, and how much cheaper depends on the part. Sometimes the difference is significant, so it is no surprise that people love them so much.
  • The quality of aftermarket parts can be the same, or even higher than OEM parts. But it really depends on the brand and the part in particular.
  • There is a more extensive range of parts to choose from. If you instead go with OEM parts you will only have a single choice as the manufacturer has only made one. This increases levels of convenience. You will have less trouble finding the part that you are looking for. Getting the spare parts from Wreckers Auckland could be the best choice for someone who want to save the money as a priority.


Aftermarket Parts: the Cons

  • Sometimes the quality of an aftermarket part is actually worse. You can blame the law of large numbers. There are so many aftermarket parts out there that the likelihood of finding a bad quality one is higher. This will usually have to do with how well the part fits, as well as problems with the finish. It is always a great idea to find out which brand names are the best and stick with those.
  • If you are the type of person that likes to have a warranty when buying car parts, then you will feel let down by the aftermarket part’s lack of warranty. Good brands are more likely to have a warranty.

Overall it can be said that you are taking a slight risk when getting aftermarket parts, but this problem can be ironed out by doing a whole lot of research. And research is easy nowadays thanks to the internet. You can also ask around and get advice from other people or book used car parts online using Auto Wrecker salvage parts services.

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