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How to Sell a Car that’s not running?

If your car is not running for a long time and you want to sell it off for good cash than you would have few limited options to deal with. However, it is up to you that you wanted to sell it off by saying the truth or not. In each case, you are not going to make much money since the vehicle is not in running condition. We would recommend you few options to consider, check out below:


Sell it privately for parts – Post an AD

Post the online or offline advertisement and sell the vehicle for parts. You could be surprised with the responses because most of people, especially mechanics prefer to buy these kind of cars and try to reinstate them to resale. This could be pretty common method where you can expect a good return.

Get it repaired and Sell it out

If you are willing to pay for the required maintenance costs for once, then certainly, you would have better options to sell the running vehicle for good cash.

Sell it to the Scrap Yards

Very common and effective way to sell the non-functional cars and get the top cash for cars in return. Planning to sell the similar kind of vehicle in Auckland – we would recommend you to give a try with Car Wreckers Auckland. You will get the top cash with a guarantee.

Make a donation

Just do something to help others and give your vehicle in donation. You might get little relief from the annual taxation’s.

Dismantle the Car yourself

If you are good enough with the automotive stuff, then move ahead and dismantle the vehicle yourself and sell the second hand car parts at the desired prices. Please make sure that you are taking care of all the security measures. Caring about the environment should be the priority. Get more information about Super cheap Tyres.

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