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How Do I Sell My Car in Auckland?

Buying a new car can get exciting but you might wonder what could do with your old car. It is a good option to sell your car to an auto wrecker in Auckland. Yes, not only do they accept your damaged or scrapped car, but they also buy your old cars which are working in good condition. They can provide you good rates for your car and you can utilize those proceeds in buying a brand new car for yourself.

But why should I sell my car to auto wreckers in Auckland? 

If you also have the same question running in your mind, then here is the list of all those reasons why you should sell your car to auto wreckers in Auckland.

  • You get instant cash for your car without any uncertainty at any point.
  • The auto wreckers are quite reliable in their services and you can trust them for the same.
  • You need not pay a penny for the car removal. The auto wreckers will come to your premises and take away the car using their specialized tools for free.
  • When you sell your cars to the auto wreckers, you don’t incur any additional charges or commission.
  • If you want to sell your car on your own you might need to place an advertisement to sell it faster but if you sell your car to an auto wrecker you would not need to advertise.
  • The process of selling your car is faster with the auto wreckers.
  • You get a better deal for your car with auto wreckers as compared to other selling options. 

How do I sell my car to auto wreckers in Auckland?

You can connect with any auto wrecker by giving them a call. They will visit your location for an assessment of the condition of your car which may last for 20-25 minutes. After the assessment of the car, you will be informed about the estimate of cash you can receive. If you feel the deal is fair you can accept their offer. You get paid in cash as soon as you accept the offer for your car. Even if you deny the auto wreckers don’t ask you for money they spent on the visit.  


If you have decided to sell your car, you should sell them to auto wreckers rather than selling them to anyone else. This is because auto wreckers can give you the best deal for your cars irrespective of the condition of your car. Further, you get instant cash and need not worry about cash collection. In short, selling your car to auto wreckers saves your time and efforts and maximizes your benefits.

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