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How to Get Rid of a Car that Doesn’t Run?

The car that was once a blessing has turned into a curse. Why? It now can no longer drive you anywhere, because it has accrued so much damage that to fix it will cost more than purchasing another vehicle. What are you going to do? Your automobile is now officially a junk car. You can either have it towed to a wrecking yard, or you can sell it to a cash for broken car company.

Don’t go thinking that there is no difference between the two options. Because there is. Wrecking yards have some requirements that cash for cars companies don’t have. They will want you to make sure that any and all fluids left in the vehicle are drained completely, like petrol and brake fluid. They might even want you to deflate the tyres. On top of that, they will either pay a meagre amount or nothing for the old car. The fact that you have to get the junk vehicle to the site yourself just adds insult to injury. Because if the machine isn’t running this means hiring a towing company.


Cash for Car Companies are a different story entirely, as they provide the opportunity to sell your broken car for cash. These people don’t require you to lift a finger. Their business model is built on providing the most convenient and hassle free service to people looking to dispose of their junk automobiles. They pay generously, and provide free pick up or removal of your old and unwanted automobiles.

How is a Junk Car Valuated?

A few aspects of a scrap vehicle are looked at in order to place a price on an automobile that no longer runs. The make and model, the age, the condition and its weight in scrap metal.

The condition is important, because if your vehicle is half consumed by rust. The value of the scrap metal will be much less. The parts won’t be re-usable. But you will still get money for it, and the free towing still applies. The make of the vehicle might also impact the value. Due to the demand of parts for some brands being higher than others.

Does it take very long to sell a Junk Vehicle?

The entire process is extremely simple. It starts with the free quote you get when you contact the company. Either by phone or via the online form that exists on the main page of the website. You are required to provide as many details as possible so that the quote will be accurate. If you are smart you will contact a few different companies so that you can choose the one that offers the most. But over all this part shouldn’t take longer than an hour. Then, within an hour someone should turn up to your place to assess the vehicle in person.


From contacting them to the final sale will only take a few hours, making this the most simple and convenient method if you are out to sell your car in Wellington, no wonder it is the most popular option for people who like getting paid with little effort.

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