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How would you differentiate used and reconditioned parts?

These days one can witness an escalating growth in used and reconditioned parts market in NZ. The reason being obvious that auto owners seek out for smart and cost-effective solutions when it comes to fixing a major vehicle repair. And, most of them purposely look for second hand or reconditioned parts as doing so save them a ton of money.

Discovering the components to be replaced

After determining the components that need to be replaced. People often get confused on whether to opt for refurbished or second hand auto spare parts. In fact, there are some people who often fail to differentiate between the terminology surrounding recycled and salvaged auto part market. When choosing a second hand component over a new one. It is imperative to know what you can expect to pay, what quality you are purchasing. What the life expectancy of the component is and which warranties it is backed up with.

And, since there is a significant difference in the degree of handling and processes involved in obtaining reconditioned and used components. They are different in terms of quality, standard of performance, price, and warranties covered in them.


Factory refurbished and reconstructed auto parts

Basically, reconstructed or recycled components are pulled from used automobiles and then thoroughly cleaned, tested for safety and serviced to an optimum level of performance. Thus, they are deemed to be high on quality and fit for use. Some of the most common, used, reconditioned components include differentials, racks, bumper bars, steering boxes, automatic transmissions, pumps and cylinder heads, headlights and manual transmissions.  They are probably the most wanted used auto parts which could be bought as second hand. 

Reconditioned vehicle components are ideally original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. They are carefully extracted from automobiles that are bought at auctions and then dismantled by auto recyclers in high tech shredding facilities. They are treated by expert technicians under stringent quality and safety checks before listing for sale. Though reconditioned auto components usually cost more than used ones. Yet they may cost half the price a new component with nearly the same function and quality.

Used Auto Spare Parts

Used car parts are ones that usually come from used automobiles and has been properly cleaned as well tested. They are therefore deemed to be of good quality, safe and suitable for use. There are several professional auto parts recyclers that buy unwanted or old automobiles from auto dealerships. Also, insurance companies and then use their expertise to extract salvaged parts from the. Generally a well-engineered used car component will offer almost same quality of functionality like a brand new one.

Also, it is very cost-effective as compared to both reconditioned and new components. Most of the auto sellers like Auckland Auto Wreckers, also offer limited-period warranties on second hand auto spare components that may. However, vary from dealer to dealer. Additionally, auto parts dealers have good contacts with other dealers. This is why they are able to source all quality components for their customer needs. Thus, if you are in need of a quality replacement component to fix your automobile repair. Contact your local Auto part dealer and check out the best options available.

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