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Wanted to restore the classic car?

Planning to restore the classic beauty car, just because you are getting sick of these Chinese brands? Recall riding those huge roomy cars in 1960’s or 70’s Ford’s and Mercury’s? Do you remember where kids do not have to wear the seat belts just because they could lay in the back seat for the long rides? So many old memories urge us to bring those vehicles back on the road so that our new generation can feel that fun.

Do you feel that liberty of contemplation now a days? Teens are getting more engaged with the x-box, PlayStation, music, entertainment or Facebook etc. which is a shame.


We can see some people driving the classic vehicles on the road, however the ratio is less because it is getting very expensive to restore the classic parts into the shape again and drive back on the road.

Meet Auto Wreckers Auckland team – Making your classical vision into realism. Get the classic second hand car parts at reasonable prices. Consult with one of the team members to arrange the parts for you and you can feel the big price difference in assembling the used auto parts compare to the expensive dealers. Assemble the classic car parts for top classic brands like FORD, Chevrolet, Mercury and Lincoln’s etc.

On the top of Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Holden, Subaru, European, Korean, American and Japanese car parts, now you can buy classic auto parts on affordable prices.

On the other hand, if you see any classic car parked at the back of your granny’s place, feel free to contact Car Wreckers team and get the top cash for classic cars and get the free auto removal service throughout Auckland and an instant suburb. For all the inquiries, please feel free to give a FREE call at 0800 888 938 and one of the staff members will get back to you at the first priority.

Planning an automobile restoration project, get in touch with us.


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