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All You Need to Know About Car Wrecking Yard

Everyone is familiar with the concept of selling scrap vehicles to wrecking yards for cash. However, not everyone is familiar with the nuts and bolts behind the process. For example, one might be curious as to exactly what use a wrecking yard might have for junk cars, junk trucks, old SUV’s or unwanted 4×4’s.

The fact of the matter is that wrecking yards purchase these used vehicles for the purpose of recycling them and pay you top cash for cars. Furthermore, in doing this, they provide an indispensable service to communities everywhere, cutting down on the amount of junk in landfills.

If you have an older vehicle loitering in your back yard, driveway or garage, your best bet is to sell at a wrecking yard. It is fast and easy.

Definition of “Wrecking Yard”

The recycling and salvaging of parts and materials from any junk vehicle is done at wrecking yards. When they buy a junk vehicle, they dismantle it, taking the parts that are in good enough condition for re-sale. They refurbish the parts when needed and add them to an inventory. Any and all toxic materials, such as fluids, are recycled or disposed of in the correct fashion.

What does the process involve?

The whole process of junk car disposal and recycling requires the implementation of various steps that are needed to complete the task. Here they are:

Drain Fluids – There are various fluids in vehicles. It is incredibly bad for the environment of substances such as Freon, antifreeze and motor oil to be dumped. These can be re-used very easily, once they have been cleaned.

Have parts removed – Even if your vehicle is completely written off or totalled, and looks like it has been through a war, it may still have components and parts on it that can be given a second life on another vehicle. The workers at the wrecking yard will look for any parts that are in good enough condition, and if there are any they are removed. When they are removed, they are cleaned, refurbished and sold.

Parts are recycled – There are parts of junk cars that need processing after being removed, then they are recycled. Dead car batteries fall under this classification, due to the lead that they have in them. New auto batteries can be made from the lead, as well as the plastic that also makes up the casing. The same goes for tyres, whose rubber can go on to make many different products.

The car is crushed – Once all the fluids are drained and the parts have been removed, the car is flattened. After being fattened, it is shredded. The steel is separated from the other materials and sold as scrap steel.

Selling to a Wrecking Yard

First, you contact the auto scrap yards. Tell them the age, make, condition and model of car you have, and they will provide you with a quote. Then they send someone around to make a more up close inspection and make a final offer. After you say yes, they pay you on the spot before removing the car from your property. Well done, you have successfully sold your car to a wrecking yard!

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