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The benefits of scrapping a car instead of fixing and selling it

If cars never got old, they would never need to be disposed of. Unfortunately, cars do get old, and at some point you need to get rid of it. And there are two ways to do that. One is by fixing it and selling it, and the other is to sell it to a scrap yard who will recycle it. In this post I will be making the argument that it is better to scrap it.

It will cost you no money whatsoever

Furthermore, if you decide to get your old vehicle mechanical issues and cosmetic flaws all fixed for future sale, you know that it will cost you a fair bit. That will offset the amount you get paid for it. It might even cost you more in the long run than the car is actually worth. It is much more economically viable to sell to a cash for cars company to be scrapped. You don’t have to pay a dime, and you can be sure that the vehicle will be bought for the most amount that it can possibly be valued at considering its make, model, age and condition.

Car removal costs are nonexistent

This might be related already to the first point made, but it bears mentioning that when you sell your vehicle to a cash for cars company they will not include any hidden charges. They will not sting you for the cost of removal. This service is a life saver for anyone whose vehicle is most definitely not road worthy. They will come to your place, pay you cash on the spot, then they will tow or haul it away back to the salvage yard. If you want to pay for the removal of the automobile, they won’t even let you. Because no-one would let someone shoot themselves in the foot. The very notion is madness!

It is the environmentally sound option

By now we can all accept that the climate scientists are correct about global warming. There are multiple lines of evidence all converging on one conclusion: the climate is getting warmer. And in a few decades, we are going to start feeling the heat. If we want to make a change, we have to do it individually by doing things that are good for the environment. And one of those things is recycling old cars.

When the steel from a vehicle is recycled, that is a whole bunch of steel that didn’t need to be mined. Mining for the raw materials that make steel uses more energy than recycling steel. Energy usage causes more than pollution in the waterways. Carbon Dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Recycling steel is the most sustainable solution.

Fixing an old car is just passing the problem on

That old vehicle will still be more likely to have mechanical issues in the future. If you fix it, it will still screw up for the new owner. Don’t sell an old car, scrap it!

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