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How much would Auckland salvage yards pay for your car?

If you need to sell a damaged car to scrap yard, you will be wondering about the amount of cash you can make out of it. Whether it’s an old rickety vehicle or a useless piece of junk, you will want to get as much cash as possible for it. However, selling it to a scrap yard will not get you much cash for it. But, if you want to sell your damaged car as quickly as possible, then you can surely go for this option.

The price you will get for your vehicle will actually vary from one scrap yard to another and it will also depend on your negotiation skills. Remember scrap yard dealers are certainly con artists with great experience in this business as they have been dealing with junk vehicles from a lot of time. So, the trick is to do some research and prepare yourself to see how much cash salvage yards are willing to pay for your Junker. Don’t forget that your vehicle will probably cost some good cash in whatever condition it is. You can easily find many professional junk yards near your local area and city council.

In this guide, we have given some of the most common aspects that scrap yards consider when purchasing a junk vehicle.


If your vehicle has covered fewer miles, it means its engine will have a longer life. As a result, you can expect to get a great deal of cash for it. There are automobiles who weren’t looked after properly and can get easily worn out even with a lower mileage record. Thus, make sure that your auto has a good mileage and one way you can do this is by changing your vehicle’s oil on a regular basis, which will help you to maintain its engine health.

Make, model and year

Nearly all scrap yards consider these three important aspects, when paying money for any type of unwanted vehicle. These people, particularly consider the manufacturing year of your automobile. If you have a newer vehicle, junk yard dealers will surely love to buy it as it will have an upgraded engine.

Moreover, you can replace your junk automobile with a newer version. As these days there are various great quality cars that will help you to save a lot of money by reducing the fuel consumption. If you have a vehicle of very old model, then it would not have an upgraded engine. Consequently, salvage yard dealers will offer you a very low price for it.

Size and weight

When selling your old car to a scrap yard, they will usually scrap it for parts and pay you accordingly. That’s why, the size and weight of a vehicle certainly matters, when it comes to dealing with a junkyard. These people are generally able to make more money out of an unwanted automobile by recycling up to 98% of their parts and metal. Thus, the great news is that if you have a bigger and heavy automobile like trucks and vans, you can really make good money out of it.


The condition of the vehicle definitely play a major role in deciding its worth. For example, having a good working engine will certainly catch the eyes of junkyards as they can recycle and sell it for good money. These people are also able to salvage a lot of useful scrap metal from the out shell of an automobile. They sell it at affordable rates to larger metal recycling companies who would reuse it for various purposes like in the newer models of vehicles.

When looking to dispose of an old clunker, it can be really complicated to find a perfect scrap yard. You will also have to negotiate smartly and choose a company that is most suitable for your needs and demands.

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