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9 Car Parts that are risk-free to Buy Second Hand

With growing need of Vehicles, there comes the need of its regular maintenance and new spare parts. But the expensive brand new vehicle repairs are not affordable by everyone. Instead, you can buy second hand spare parts and save a lot of money.

Also, you can get a wide range of options when buying used spare parts. This is because Auto repair shops and junkyards buy a variety of rebuilding parts which are then reconditioned and tested to meet the standards offered by the new parts. Craigslist and eBay are also great online sources for second hand components. Most wanted auto parts can be easily achievable from the salvage yards.


Although used car parts are a cost-effective substitute of new ones, but not all of them are risk-free to use. Because some of them get worn-out gradually with their use and age, and may be risky to use as replacement parts. So, which second hand parts are safe to buy and save money?

1- Spare Tyres

People spending $150 on a new tyre can easily find an inexpensive replacement for the same at just $50 for Auckland car tyres sellers. Junk yards, vehicle repair Shops and even Tyra retailers keep a second hand set of wheels. But if they are second hand, that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise with their performance. Not at all.

2- Rims

If the chrome rims on your vehicles tend to wear due to corrosion, it can be a good idea to replace them with old steel rims. However, you can seek recommendations from your trusty mechanic for a reputable local junk yard. There you can get good steel rims at reasonable prices. If you want fancy alloy rims you can even find that at half the price of new ones.

But make sure that the used rims are not bent or corroded.

3- Windows

Instead of investing in a new expensive window you can replace your vehicle’s shattered window or sunroof with a used one. This will save you some money as well. Even one can find power windows switches, hardware, power windows motors in the second hand marketplace at cheap rates.

4- Mirrors

Of course, a damaged side mirror won’t be expensive to replace, but a new heated mirror can cost you $150. The same goes for rear view mirrors, especially those with special features like a compass display, lightning, etc. Conversely, used mirrors are just as good as new ones and available at affordable prices.

5- Transmission System

When buying a new transmission system, you will have to shell out many dollars. So, you can save a fair bit of money by buying a used transmission depending on the age of your automobile.

6- Power Locks

Sometimes power lock solenoids and switches get worn-out suddenly, leaving users without the convenience of Power locks on their vehicles. Now if you check out the prices of new replacement parts that are too high that you will simply cancel buying them.

But luckily, you still have a good choice. You can consider buying second hand Power locks at just half the cost of new ones.

7- Tyres

Usually, auto owners think of buying used wheels only when their vehicle is closer to reach the end of the road. But, if the tyre of your old vehicle has gone flat and can’t be repaired, you can consider buying used ones.

Just make sure to check the code stamped on the sidewall of the tyres so as to check its manufacturing date. This is because even if the wheels are in a perfectly good condition, their sidewalls get brittle and weaken with usage. Due to this the risk of a blowout is increased specifically in tyres older than 6-10 years.

8- Interior Components

Second hand spare parts make good choices when it comes to replacing old or worn-out interior parts like Steering wheels, seat covers, interior trim pieces or floor mats.

Though used ones may have some wear & tear yet they will offer the same comfort as your old ones.

9- Alternator

As the vehicle gets older the wire windings on an alternator can break and crack. As a result your auto won’t be able to produce enough current to charge its battery. And, you may end up with a dead battery. At such times you can buy rebuilt Alternators and save some money. Basically, these alternators have old winding replaced with the new one along with tested voltage regulators.

There are several benefits of buying used truck parts and you can save a lot more money than you expect.

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