The very important scrap cars FAQs!

You always hear about the concept of scrapping cars! It’s basically a procedure to recycle and process your unused vehicles thoughtfully. And it’s a great process because it helps largely in saving the environment and reducing the pile of junk in the junkyards. However, this is only the basic information about car scrapping. We are sure you have more doubts about this process and how it relates to you. For those doubts and answers thereof, read on.

Frequently asked questions about scrapping the car!

Getting cash for scrap cars via Auto Wrecker is actually a great idea to get rid of your unused car and also get good returns against it.

How much amount will I get in exchange for my car? — This is the first and most common question you ask when you think of scrapping your car. But you’ll have to understand the fact that the quote of your scrap car would be according to its condition and the spare parts that are present in it.

Where can I sell my car for scrap? — If you frequently think, “where can I sell my car in Auckland”, then the answer is that you have to search about the various car scrappers in your city and ask for quotations from them. The one that provides you the highest amount in exchange for your car, pays on the spot, and provides free pickup from your location is the suitable one.

Do I have to present the registration papers at the time of car pickup? — Most of the companies don’t require your car registration papers at the time of pickup for scrap cars. But yes, you will have to give solid proof that this car belongs to you and you’re authorising the company to take it away for scrapping.

Do you need the car keys at the time of pickup? — It would be really very convenient if you can provide the car keys to the agents coming to pick up your car so that they can have a brief look inside. But if you can’t find the keys at that moment, then too they would be glad to pick up the car from your doorstep and take it away for scrapping.

Do the companies provide free quotation? —Yes, most of the companies interested in taking away a car for scrapping would visit your place and provide you the quotation for free. But explicitly ask them about their policy.

How much time does it take for the entire procedure? — Once you fix the deal with any car scrapping company, it hardly takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the agents to pick up and tow the car from your property. But it also depends on the convenience of taking that car away – any hiccup might delay the process.

We hope all your doubts about car scrapping have been answered now. Now even you would agree that this process is very easy and hassle free and totally an efficient option to go for.

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