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How to sell your car for the top cash?

If you are selling your car, you probably want to get the most amount of money you can get for it. But that won’t be a lot if your car has a lot of repairs that need to be done. But don’t despair, because it turns out that a lot of these repairs can be done yourself in the comfort of your own garage.

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Replacing a burned out headlight bulb

Find out what type of bulb is appropriate for your car. This might take asking someone who is an expert, or doing a bit of research on the internet. Buy that bulb. Next, open the hood of your car and find the bulb holder. It is a plug attached to wires that go to the bulb. It is in the shape of a trapezoid. Google trapezoid.

Pull the plug out and remove the wires. Then take the bulb out of the socket, and replace it with the new bulb. You have now successfully changed the bulb and saved yourself huge amounts of money getting it done professionally.

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Perform maintenance on the battery

If the battery is dead or leaking or for whatever reason needs to be replaced, here is how to do that. Open up the hood. Remove the cables, and take the battery out. Be sure to lay towels down everywhere just in case there is battery acid leakage. Take the new battery, and perform these steps again in reverse. You can also get the used car batteries and save some money.

Replace fuses

If a particular system on your car isn’t working it might be a fuse that is dead. You will need needle nose pliers. Find the fuse box in your car. You can consult the owner’s manual to do this. See which fuse is responsible for the malfunctioning system. Pull the old fuse out and replace with the new one.

Replace Windscreen Wipers

Go to a shop that sells these and ask the person at the counter, which wipers are best for your car. Then purchase those wipers. Remove the old windscreen wiper by pulling it back. Under the wiper is a button that you push that releases the wiper. It slides off. Then attach the new wiper.


Change the Air Filter.

Buy the appropriate new filter for your car. Check the manual and find the old filter on the side of the engine. It is encased in a housing. You will need to open it up. Remove the filter and replace with the new one.

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