How to sell a car that doesn’t run?

If you are having an old car that doesn’t run then you might be wondering about how to sell it. Selling a scrap vehicle is quite complicated as there are only a few options available to accomplish it. Also, the prices may vary widely based on how determined you are and what method you choose.

However, even if you get a buyer for it, you won’t be able to make as much money as you would have if your vehicle was in good condition. But, whatever method you use. Make sure that you are honest with the buyer and tell them about all the defects in it. Find out how to sell my junk car near me.


Here, have a look at your options through which you can sell your non-roadworthy car.

  • Post an advertisement

When selling a vehicle, posting an advert online or in printed classifieds is the most common option that people opt for. There are many well-recognized websites like Craiglist and Ebay, you can consider for posting your advert. There you can find several buyers showing varied interests and offering different prices.   Some of them may even offer you very low prices while a few of them may be willing to purchasing it for cash or to just sell it for scrap metal.

  • Restore and repair the vehicle

If you are not able to get a good deal for your damaged vehicle, then you consider repairing and restoring it into a good state. However, the cost of repair will be large, but it will be worth the additional profit you would make by selling it into a good condition.

  • Sell it to your local Junkyard

This is another good option that can turn your scrap vehicle into a profitable deal for you. However, their price offers will certainly vary on the basis of the extent of damage in your automobile. You can explore several scrap yards in your area that will buy your scrap car for good cash and sell it for parts to the auto recycling centers and individual buyers. Auckland Auto Wreckers can offer you the dream price for your vehicle regardless of its condition.

Although it won’t probably get you the top-notch cash. But it will certainly relieve you from the burden of keeping an unwanted or damaged vehicle on your property. Most of them will even offer towing service. But if you can arrange it yourself, then it will get you more cash for the vehicle.


  • Donate it to the Charity

If you are considering to use your unwanted vehicle for generous purpose, then you can consider donating it to a charitable organisation. While they won’t pay you any cash in return, but you will qualify for some tax deduction at the end of financial year most likely. 

  • Sell it to your local auto dealership

You can also inquire your local auto used car buyers. If they think they can fix up or restore your automobile and make some profit out of it, they will certainly show their interest. However, vehicles that have gotten older or worn-out are less likely sold by this method.

  • Part it out on your own

If none of the above options work for you, then you can break it for parts yourself. You will just have to be pulled out its working components and recycle them for sale. Although, it will need your time and effort. But it can also get you a good amount of profit. Auto Wreckers in Lower Hutt can possibly help you to sell your parts for the best price and recycle the rest of the metal for further industrial use.

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