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How to scrap a car with no WOF or no REGO?

If your back yard or garage has been home to a scrap vehicle for a very long time, it is fair to assume that you have been procrastinating the process of disposing of it properly. At least you haven’t taken the easy way out and just abandoned it on some random street in the neighbouring town. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still sitting there, growing rust and messing up the place.

Unfortunately, you’ve put off dealing with this problem for so long that you seem to have completely misplaced the Warrant of Fitness and the Registration. So when the bright idea pops into your head to scrap your car for cash by selling to one of these cash for cars companies that you keep hearing about, you discover that you now have a self-imposed hurdle to overcome. What are you going to do now?


Be honest with the buyer

As far as any auto recycling or vehicle removal service will be concerned. You may very well be a car thief who has stolen the vehicle so you can make money from selling it as scrap to scrap car buyers. This isn’t the end of the world, because all you have to do is lower the likelihood that this is the case in their eyes. Maybe show photos of your vehicle from when it was in better shape, with your house in the back ground. Or just dress up in your best suit and tie ensemble.

But you don’t have to make up any stories. Just tell them that you lost the documentation. If you can’t find any local outfits who will buy your junk vehicle off you for a small amount of cash. There are always alternatives that don’t involve breaking the law.

Junk yards

Taking the time to take the old junk vehicle of yours to the local scrap yard who specialize in junk car recycling may be an option. They may not ask any questions about the title as they will be pretty much destroying the car anyway. But good luck finding a scrap yard like that. They are like a rare Pokemon.

Part the car out

If you are knowledgeable about the inner mechanics of cars, have experience in junk car dismantling (or a friend who does), and have all the correct tools at your disposal. It is always an option for you to disassemble your junk car and try to mine it for valuable resources such as scrap metal and (most importantly) re-usable parts. As long as you own the car you aren’t breaking any laws. The plus side is you will be ultimately getting more money for it.

Have the thing towed away professionally

Hire a towing company to come to your place of residence and have them take the old pile of rust out of your life forever. This will cost you money. Only pay for scrap car removal if all other options have been exhausted.

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