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What Paperwork do I need to Sell My Car?

Once you’ve done your research, clicked some nice photos, fixed a sale price and created an advertisement for your vehicle. Your vehicle is all ready to sell and you might have been shaking hands with the car buyers and answering their inquiries. The next thing you will need is gathering all the associated paperwork so you can quickly complete the transaction process as soon as you will find the suitable buyer.

When it comes to selling your car in Auckland you will need to several legal documents according to your local DMV requirements. And, if your vehicle has a lien on it, then you will need some additional paperwork for it.


The Bill of Sale

The bill of sale is an essential document that contains all the details of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. Sometimes your state may not make it mandatory to organize a bill of sale. However, it is always recommended to keep one in order to maintain your own records. You may also get a bill of sales copy from your local DMV or online.

The owner’s manual

This is another important document that will be helpful for the new owner. After all it is the instruction book containing all the troubleshooting information to deal with the any common problem that may occur in the automobile. However, if you have lost your car’s owner’s manual or don’t have a copy, then you may find one online.

The vehicle’s title

This is probably the most important paperwork in a vehicle’s sale. Because it signifies the ownership right for the vehicle. However, if you own a financed automobile, you will have to first notify the lien holder about the automobile’s sale. And, also payoff the amount of finance so that the title can be released to the new owner.

In case you have misplaced your car’s title. Apply for a duplicate one at your local DMV to replace the lost title.

Warranty Documents

If your automobile is covered under manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty. You will of course need to hand over its copy to the new owner.

Smog Certificate

It is required only in some states, so make sure to check whether or not your local DMV requires it. However, if you are selling your vehicle to someone out of the state or overseas. The person should also double check with his/her state’s requirements.

Service History

If your vehicle is maintained up to date, then it will provide a peace of mind to your buyer. As they will have the assurance that you have maintained the automobile quite well and it is actually in a great working order.

Vehicle History Records

Keeping proper records of the vehicle’s history will make it easier for you to sell your vehicle quickly. As it will give all important information that all buyers generally ask – The number of previous owners of the vehicle, and if it was involved in any small or major collision. The buyer may, however, also use Carjam to get a copy of vehicle history report.

Notice of Transfer

When you are selling an automobile personally and it is still registered in your name, then you can face many problems. For example, if the new owner of the car gets involved into an accident, then you will be liable for the expense and penalties. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from such liabilities, it is important to notify the DMV about the vehicle’s sale. Be sure to release the liability form or transfer the notice to the DMV.

However, some states don’t require any notifications. But it’s always smart to notify the transfer to protect yourself from future liabilities. If you are moving overseas, then you must have to do this beforehand, find out how to sell your car before moving overseas.

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