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There are many reasons for a Kia to finally reach the junk stage of its career. But it really doesn’t matter, because the result is always the same: A Kia that requires immediate disposal. The one thing you mustn’t do is just allow it to sit on your lawn, driveway or in your garage to waste away. Make some cash out of it by selling it to us, your local Wreckers in Auckland.

We are Auckland’s best car removal company, and we pay anywhere from $100 to $5000 for Kia’s of all shapes and sizes. This includes these shapes and sizes: trucks, SUV’s, vans, cars, 4WD’s and Utes. Don’t delay, this important action. Call immediately at 0800 563 163  and you will be rid of that clunker of a Kia before you would say “money”.


We Want to Buy Any Condition of Kia

As a leading Korean Wreckers in Auckland, we have seen every possible level of disrepair that the world of Korean automotive scrap vehicles has to offer. And haven’t yet seen one that we wouldn’t buy. So, with this in mind, you might think that your wreck of an automobile is un-sellable. But you couldn’t be more wrong. We will buy a vehicle regardless of whether it has been totalled in an accident, or has been half eaten by rust, or has simply gotten so ridiculously old that to get it into running condition would cost more that it would be worth once the work was done.

We Want All Kia Models – Cars, Vans, 4WDs & Trucks

What model your Kia is of no concern to us. The reason why is because we love buying Kias so much that we don’t care what Model it is. We will jump at the chance to get it to our wrecking yard for a good honest salvaging. This will certainly be a relief for owners of such models as the Kia Primera, Homy, Skyline, Cefiro, Tiida, Serena, Bluebird, Almera, Frontier, Elgrand, Sentra, Silvia, Avenir, Pulsar, Patrol, Terrano, Sunny, Fuga and Cefiro.

We Perform Free Kia Removal

No matter where you live in Auckland, we will come to your property and remove the car for free. This is an especially handy service for those that have Kia’s that are not in running order and will require some form of towing in order to get it to our salvage yard. Whether you live in the North Shore, South Auckland, Rodney or anywhere else in Auckland. You can take advantage of our free removal service and get paid too. All you need to learn how to get the most out of car wrecking companies.


We Sell Used Kia Parts

We are probably the biggest used Korean car parts supplier in Auckland. There is a wide range of Kia parts for sale on our site. So if you need some Kia parts don’t hesitate for a moment longer and call us at 0800 563 163  to book the part that you need. Doesn’t really matter if you live in Auckland or anywhere in NZ. We sell Kia parts online through NZ and deliver the auto spare parts to your door.

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