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When your Isuzu breaks down for the umpteenth time, and you have just about had it up to here with the clunker in question, you will probably be overjoyed to discover that you can indeed sell that vehicle in record time no less. Just call us at 0800 563 163 . Who are we?

We buy scrap cars at Auto Wrecker and proud to be the top Isuzu Wrecking company.

What do we do? We buy unwanted, old and used Isuzu cars, trucks, 4×4’s, Utes, vans and SUV’s. Then we wreck them, savaging any and all parts that can be recycled.


Free Isuzu Removal throughout Auckland to Hamilton

Are you under the impression that while it would be great to sell to us, you don’t want to pay for the necessary removal of your Isuzu that needs to take place, therefore you won’t sell to us? Then you need to know that you need to pay nothing for that removal as we take on all and any costs related to that by doing it ourselves. This is a service that operates throughout Auckland, including all the major Auckland cities like the North Shore, South Auckland, Rodney and so forth.

If you are selling a car in Auckland and wanted a free vehicle removals then you will never get better cash offer than Auto Wrecker.

All Isuzu Models Wanted

We will buy any model of Isuzu. The reason it is important to point this fact out is because we are always getting inquiries as to whether we buy certain models, and we always have to say “yes we buy that model, in fact there isn’t a model of brand X that we don’t buy.” So whether your Isuzu is a D-Max, Crew Cab, 4×4, FY Series, MU, N Series, FX Series, Giga or any other Isuzu model then you can be rest assured that we will buy it.

All Isuzu models are welcomes regardless of their condition or sell it fast if you are moving overseas. We love to offer the fast cash offers for any kind of unwanted vehicles. Find out how to sell your car before moving overseas.


Free Quotes Offered

If you are only after an online or over the phone appraisal of your Isuzu, make no mistake, we can certainly deliver. We have a phone number you can call if you so desire. Here it is: 0800 563 163 . Give the friendly team member on the other end details such as the age, condition and model of Isuzu you have for an accurate estimate. There is also a free quote form on the main page of our website that you can fill out for the same purposes.

Used Parts For Sale at Affordable Prices

We sell used car parts in Auckland with limited warranty. Are you currently searching high and low for a specific part that you need in order to repair your Isuzu? We have a huge range of great quality Isuzu parts for sale. Call 0800 563 163  And you can book the part you need.

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