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Has your Hyundai started to cost more in order to maintain it per annum than it is worth? Time to get rid of it and buy a car that isn’t breaking down all the time. How does one do that? By not leaving it at a junk yard or land fill! There is a far superior option that allows you to get paid as well as having your clunker disposed of in the proper fashion. Sell it to Auckland’s premier cash for car company.

We love buying people’s used, old and unwanted Hyundai cars, trucks, vans, 4×4’s and SUV’s. So much so that we are prepared to part with our hard earned cash in order to do so. If you have a Hyundai that you are desperate to sell for whatever reason. Make no delay and call us straight away. The phone number is 0800 563 163 , or fill out the form on the main page of our website for a free cash quote.


Any Hyundai Model is What We Want

In the years we have been doing this we keep getting asked whether or not we buy certain models of Hyundai. After a while this gets tiring. So hopefully this will put an end to it. We buy all Hyundai models, no exceptions. This includes such greats as the Hyundai Elantra, Excel, Santa Fe, Tucson, Sonata, Terracan, Scoupe, H100, H1 Van, Getz, Atoz, Coupe, the list goes on. We pay maximum cash for Hyundai cars, 4×4’s, vans, utes and trucks.

We Buy Hyundai’s That Are in Any Condition

Imagine a sliding scale with perfect mint condition Hyundai on one end, and a Hyundai that has been completely totalled beyond recognition as well as set on fire and burned on the other end. We can honestly say that we will buy Hyundai’s that are on every single imaginable point on that scale. Whether it has been wrecked, drowned, eaten by rust or ruined by time + wear and tear, we will shell out sweet, sweet cash for it.


Free Hyundai Removal All Over Auckland

Often our customers will be hesitant about selling to us when we tell them that we will pick their vehicle up, and it turns out the reason for this is the fact that they think that we are going to factor in the cost of removal into the value we place on the vehicle. Not so! As a leading Korean Wreckers in Auckland, we do the removal entirely for free. This is our promise.


Used Hyundai Parts at Affordable Prices

We are proud to have a huge collection of Hyundai used parts online that we have acquired from the salvaging of vehicles over the years. Whatever specific part you are after, we probably have it. If you are curious then you can call us at 0800 563 163 . One of our friendly team will gladly help you to book the right part.

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