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How To Minimise The Dangers Of Sun Glare?

Sun glare is undoubtedly dangerous for all vehicle drivers and sometimes even similar to the dangers posed by snow & rain, especially if the driver gets blinded by sun rays falling on his or her eyes. So, before you decide to drive your vehicle next time on the road, ensure that everything around you is as safe as possible, so that you as well as your loved ones, don’t get involved in a gruesome accident.

To help you minimise the effect of sun glare while you drive your vehicle, we have formulated a comprehensive guide containing some tips & tricks that you can follow. 

The Best Ways To Reduce Any Negative Effect Of Sun Glare

  1. Don’t Forget To Utilise Your Sun Visors

As per a professional car removal company offering services such as cash for cars in Auckland, using the sun visor is the most common thing to do when trying to avoid sun glare. The primary job of a sun visor is to protect your eyes from getting blinded by the sun’s rays by blocking the path of the glare and thereby allowing you to focus on the road ahead. You can even use the sun visor on the front passenger seat as well so that you can minimise the rays coming from the side.

  1. Always Keep Your Mirrors & Windscreens Clean

Most drivers tend to neglect the process of keeping the windscreens and mirrors of their vehicles clean. Usually, your windscreens & mirrors should be free from any accumulated dust and smears before you head out on the road. When your windscreens and mirrors stay dirty, the sun’s rays can reflect more through these dust particles, thereby reducing your road visibility further. 

So, make sure that you give your windscreens and mirrors a proper cleaning before taking your vehicle out for a drive. 

  1. Don’t Forget To Fix Any Windscreen Cracks

Similar to the previous suggestion, you should also ensure that there are no cracks on the windscreens. When the sun’s rays fall on glass cracks, the rays tend to get scattered in different directions, ultimately making the situation worse for road visibility. You can even be charged with a hefty fine by road police officers if they find out that you’re driving around with a windscreen crack. 

  1. Always Keep Your Sunglasses With You (Polarised Ones)

This might be a simple strategy but is a very effective one indeed. According to a professional service provider for scrap cars, wearing sunglasses to reduce sun glare can highly minimise any risks of collisions. Moreover, sunglasses don’t cost much to pick up because you can get them at any local store around you. However, be sure to pick up polarised sunglasses only, because they’re the best in eliminating sun glare. 

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