What are the Best Methods for Selling Your Scrap Car for Cash?

If you are currently playing host to an unwanted scrap vehicle that used to be your main mode of transport, there are some things you need to ask yourself. One of them is how much you think the car is worth. If you think that it is worth nothing, you need to know that you are wrong.

Even the oldest, most rust eaten junk vehicle can get you paid one hundred dollars. This is because it will have components on it that will be worth something. Those components may just be worth something due to the material they are made up of, such as the steel, but the fact remains that you can get some cash for that vehicle. All you need to get the most out of car wrecking companies.


How do you go about selling it, though? After all, who in their right mind is going to buy a vehicle that doesn’t work? Here are some hints to help you sell your junk vehicle:

Part Your Junk Car Out

This process will require a great set of the appropriate tools, such as a hoist for the engine, special cutting instruments for bolts that are tough to unscrew, and so forth. Also, similarly indispensable will be the knowledge and expertise that one will need in order to do this properly. But if you can successfully do this, you can then place all the used car parts online for sale. This method for selling junk vehicles will make you the most money, but most people simply don’t have the expertise, skills, time or tools.

Sell Your Car “As Is”

Place an ad on a website specialised in selling cars, and advertise it as being for sale “as-is”. Be honest in your description of the vehicle. Seeing as it is a junk machine, most people will see this and know what you are all about. They will know that there are faults with your vehicle, and that it will cost more to fix than it will cost to get a vehicle that works. They will probably be buying it so that they can part it out and make money off the parts.


Sell Your Junk Vehicle to a Car Removal Company

Look up Cash for Car Company like Auckland Car Wreckers in your area next time you are on the internet. You will find that there are at least a few. What these companies do is buy your clunker off you before hauling it away. If you take parts off it beforehand, this could affect the amount that they pay you for your vehicle. The reason for this is that they make their living from buying junk vehicles, parting them out and selling those parts, as well as the scrap metal.

Sell Your Car as Scrap Metal

Your machine has loads of scrap metal in it. This is because it is made up mostly of the stuff. You stand to get some cash by selling it to a scrap metal yard. The amount of cash depends on the weight of the metal.

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